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Choose from among the underscored tune names to hear it and read its story.


Defreestville Keyport Selkow
Appleton Place Downers’ Grove Kingdom Come Seminary commons 
A surprise!


Koops Seminary Place
Athens Erlauer Kooy Solvendo
Axelson Eureka Livingston Soma Christou
Beautiful City Festival Llwellyn Road Spencer



Marilyn St. Francis  

Fort Plain

Mid Atlantics Summertune

Burden Pond

Grahamsville Steeple Moore

Third Street

Camden Hills Graybill Moslak Tocsin
Childgift Graylet Neighborhood Watch

True Peace

Christmas Greeting Hageman Orange Blossom

Twain Shall Meet

Christopher John Hand of God Priceless Treasure Victoria Street
Clay Jars Hartford Road Quail's Flight Welcome Child

College Point

Hesed (Loving Favor) Rooster's Crow West House

Craver Road

Hill Church Sabbatical Song Wow

Deacon Carol

Kaaterskills Sauer Jones    

These MIDI files have not been mixed or mastered.  You may need to adjust your volume controls.

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