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Welcome to the

Brummhart Publishing Website!

Who we are

               Brummhart Publishing was begun in 1988 to publish for friends and family the occasional hymnic works of Kathleen and James Hart Brumm.  Since then, we have put pen to paper (or, more correctly, spent electrons on our computers) putting resources together for our parishes and those of our colleagues to use in worship.  We offer our work in service to the Christian church, and hope you will find something among the selections shown here that will meet your needs.  If not, contact us and we can come up with something!

What we do

                  Both James and Kathleen are ordained ministers of the Word and Sacrament in the Reformed Church in America, a Calvinist branch of the Christian church, which boasts the oldest continuous ministry in North America.  We are members of Classes, to whom we are responsible for the way we conduct our ministries, and we are also responsible to our local Boards of Elders within our congregations.  We are pastors of separate parishes, which means that the family mushes through our share of meetings every month, but we also have twice as many worship experiences to enrich our lives.  It is from our parish experiences that most of what we publish has arisen.

Some other things we do

            We accept commissions for new works, invitations to speak, lead worship, conduct workshops, hymn sings, and choir (children's and adult) and parish retreats as our pastoral schedules allow.  Contact us directly   to arrange a tailor-made event for your group, or to commission a new hymn or anthem to celebrate a milestone event in the life of your church or religious community.

Peace is costly, but it is worth the expense.
- Kenyan Proverb

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